Elite Coaching

Elite Coaching


The best place to start is what are the benefits. The main benefits of staying in are as follows. The longer you bat; The more bad balls you receive. Say on average you receive 1 bad ball for every 10 your face. If you bat for 10 balls you get 1 bad ball but if you can bat for 100 balls you get 10 bad balls. Assuming that you hit all the bad balls you face for 4, if you face 100 balls you’ll have 40 runs and if you bat 10 you’ll have 4!

The more tired the bowlers will become, which will accelerate the rate at which you receive opportunities to score. As bowlers tire their techniques can deteriorate which is likely to more opportunities for you. The more comfortable and confident with the conditions and the bowlers you become. You can’t beat time in the middle and you can’t score runs from the pavilion. When you are well set at the crease is the time to cash in and make a big score. The more fun you have. The next question is how do you make sure you bat for as long as possible, well I believe the answer is to minimise your risk.

What are the best ways to this, Have a plan that is realistic, that you can achieve and stick to it. The plan is defend balls on the stumps and leave the wide balls until I want to score from them. For example if I don’t want to score off a ball that I know is wide of the stumps, I don’t take the risk of hitting or nicking it for a reward of no runs!

Technically, stay balanced, play as straight as possible and restrict your swing in defence and full swing in attack. Be patient and wait for your opportunities instead of trying to force them, remember the longer you bat the more opportunities you will get.

Relax and enjoy the challenge, if scoring runs was easy you’d do it all the time!