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  • "Victory is in the eye of the beholder" 

    Yet another beautiful day at lightwood. Mild conditions but a very damp ground. Someone must have forgotten to turn the taps off the night before. Other than the pitch everything was wet at Lightwood Park, this included Rocky's outfit from slipping on the ground during warm up. The Doc was back in form with the toss. As always elected to bat.

    The Doc and Shah took centre stage but not for long. Shah (2 runs) was an advocate of the DRS on the day, as it might have saved him. Inside edge to the pad, a hard call for the umpire without the help of television replay. The Wall (1 run) didn't hang around for much longer either, edged one to first slip. The Doc stood strong while the little master tonged it around for his magnificent 42 runs. A rash shot saw him walking back to the pavilion, but while he was at the crease the Eagles were looking good to put a decent total on the board. The Skipper stood tall at one end and played his copy book shots to acquire 48 valuable runs for his side. FC, Datta, Dathaa aaa & Deepak all went cheaply. Out came the Beri and the Southern Superstar. Both built a valuable partnership. Beri (55 runs) as usual played very smartly and played some fantabulous shots square of the wicket. Rocky's (28 runs) helicopter shots were a treat to watch, it was raining 6s. Good running between the wickets and some sensible cricket from Arjun (8 runs) secured a total of 232. A competitive score against most teams in the league but a 100 runs short of what would be a competitive total against the mighty Kettering.

    The second innings was largely dominated by the Kettering Crickets as well. For the first time this year the Eagle's openers were unable to get a break through. This was not unexpected though, they both have been fantastic all year and probability was working against them. A couple of half chances were created but none were taken until Prateek got the first break through and Shah got the only other one. Shah dropped one that literally travelled to him at 100 miles/hour. Man had to go off the field to get some ice on it. When he returned one was caught at the boundary as his leg touched the line. It was all happening. Although the match was going against them for most of the day, the Eagles seemed to be enjoying their day out in the park. The main reason for this -Good quality cricket on display at Lightwood Park. Kettering scored the winning runs in the 25th over. Handshakes and smiles all round, both teams pleased to be in the finals.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, often we have used this platform to relish our success, share moments on/off the field, humour ourselves. Hence, I thought I might share a story that really made me feel good the other night. I was chatting with an Eagle (I won't name who yet) at the entertainment night. He was saying how cricket training has made him think about his fitness, well being and how he uses it not as a source of entertainment but also as a way to release stress from day to day activities. He uses cricket training as a way to motivate himself to get fit and how he feels healthier and better than before. It's great to see that we are all gaining something or the other from this venture. This is the essence of this club and it's great to see it taking shape. Let alone the results, I think we can all be proud for creating an environment like this for ourselves. Each one of us are equally responsible and all though it doesn't get said enough, Thank you. Thank you very much. I have had the most amazing summer and I am sure you have too.

    Now one must be thinking why the emotion? It's not the end of the season. You are right but the next few match reports will be all about our great victories against the Southern Tigers and the likes. It will be about our top batsmen scoring runs, our bowlers tearing the opponent's batting line up apart, our fielders taking the most amazing catches. It will be about the most fantastic game in the world- "Cricket".

    FC - Game 19 - 23rd Feb 2013
  • "DJ da Promise" 

    A beautiful 28 degree day, freshly cut grass & their better halves sitting in the stands to watch them play. Could life get any better for these cricket loving Eagles? I suspect not. The importance of this game against the Bunyips was highlighted when Shah was one of the first ones to arrive at the ground and was doing laps. "Da do's or Da Dies" was the phrase on the lips of the Eagles as they did their warm ups. Eagles have been confident about winning tosses. After sending Donald Trump broke in Las Vegas, Doc decided winning tosses was getting a bit boring why not be on the other side of the coin this time.

    The white pill was handed to DJ and the Rockstar. DJ swung the ball at will and one of the most spectacular moments for the Summerleas Eagles cricket club occurred. DJ ( 4/17 from 10 ovrs) got his first hat-trick in the league. The umpire had to make the journey of 22 yards after every ball to realign the stumps as DJ uprooted them. What an effort by this young Eagle. His contribution will be remembered for some time to come. 27 wickets so far for the Season, one name Deepak Janoti (DJ).

    On the other end, a feverish Rock Star looked after the ball as if it was a beautiful lady. Bowling good line and length, kept it very tight. Built pressure and enabled DJ to attack from the other end. The man's commitment needs to be saluted. Praj at one point wanted Rocky (1/10 from 7.2 ovrs) to attack from both ends. First change bowlers had to adjust there line but they had flexibility as the damage was truly done. Arjun bowled well once he found his line ( 0/20 from 4) , The Raj did well ( 0/20 from 3). The Raj also was very creative on the field and decided to move to silly mid on , on occassions. Mr Reliable, Datha Lakshminayaranan ( learnt to spell half his name) picked up a lazy 3 wickets of this 9 overs. The man has a nack of picking wkts at will. The experience of Shah & Doc allowed them to be very economical 0/23 from. 7 and 0/9 from 3 respectively. Two great run outs sealed the deal for the Eagles. There is no doubt Zman bought himself a couple of turbo chargers, he attacked the ball on the field like a tiger. Bunyips all out for 137 of 43.2 overs.

    The rest is history, Shah kicked off the innings taking 17 runs of the first over. The Eagles were away. Few hiccups along the away when Shah ( 25 runs) fell prey to some sledging rather than good bowling. Zman's turbo chargers malfunctioed and he edged one for naught. Datta didnt disappoint, smart cricket and classic cover drives saw him race to 29 runs before getting bowled , again falling prey to sledging. Doc on the other end played wonderfully well. Classic shots and steady forward defence making sure he stitched them up well after the operation ( not out for 38). The show stopper was the little master ( 39 not out of what looked like 2 balls) Moto was clear " Maar ghumake". Whether he edged it or came from the middle didnt matter, the end result was the same. The Bunyips had to fetch from the boundary. Eagles won convincingly and looks like they are on their way to the finals! As i said before, a toss worth loosing! One Club , one dream , one cup. Watch out the Eagles are coming!

    FC - Game 18 - 16th Feb 2013
  • "This one was for Perry" 

    Eagles first visit to the sleepy town of Glen Huon was met with mixed weather condition. They set out to the Huon valley once again for their match against North Huon Cricket club. Unfortunately some got lost as Aal's SatNav was not in charge. Short warm up session and then Shah bhai handed Vaibhav his first cap. That also was the only change to the side since last week. Yet again the toss was won by FC, the doc has taught him well how to watch the coin and call at the last minute. Batting first was the verdict! Black bands worn in memory of our beloved Perry Lovell, to whom the definition for the game of Cricket was "a life style". He truly lived a Cricketer's life. Rest in peace my friend, you will be greatly missed.

    The Prince of Kashmir & DJ padded up to take centre stage. The unlikely happened at the start and the Prince was dismissed without troubling the scorers. DJ kept his promise and slowly built an innings of 33 runs. He held on to one end and provided stability. He once told me his favourite player was Shane Watson; one could see clearly where his inspiration comes from. Both Praj (29 runs) and Datha aaa aaa (19 runs) went swinging hard. In came Dattaraj, took full responsibility of a top order batsman and played some breath taking shots. The man did not set a foot wrong and carried his bat for 60 runs. His batting coach, the Prince smiling in the corner and feeling proud of his achievement. Beri and Rock star built good partnerships with the Raj. Others fell cheaply to the non-spinning spinner of the Warriors. Vaibhav didn't disappoint, his 12 came of some exciting shots. Valuable runs to take the total to 235.

    The Eagles were in high spirits, runs were on the board and they gave themselves a very good chance to win the game. The weather was playing up all day long and when the Eagles came out to field it was no different. Rain and wind gusts were on and off but the pace attack of DJ and the Rock star was always on! The warriors came out swinging but the team and the opening bowlers held their nervous. Skipper had faith and kept them on and soon dividends were paid. DJ kept his promise picked up 2 wickets in his first spell. Unfortunate drop catch denied him the third in his 1st spell. Rocky picked up 2 great wickets, his carry and bounce was a spectacle. He was denied one due to a drop catch as well by the Skip. A treat to watch was the wicket keeping of the little master. Took 5 catches, 1 run out and saved at least 20 runs down leg side from my recollection. Yes, surely one couldn't do better than this J ! But surely, he will push himself to do better. As soon as the ball was handed to Shah bhai, he showed some magic. Picked up 2/16 in his short spell of 5 overs. If he doesn't do it with the bat, he surely will do it with the ball. Dathaaa aaa on the other end kept it really tight. The man doesn't know where to put his car keys* but definitely knows where to pitch the ball. Fast leg spinners is only what they can be described as, had bounce, turn and speed. He finished with 2/14 after 6.3 overs. DJ was brought back and picked up another wicket to finish with 3/45 after 9 overs. Eagles wining comfortably by a whopping 123 runs, courtesy of important catches taken by IMi, Dathaa aaa aa , Praj.
    A victory that the Eagles would respectfully like to dedicate to Perry Lovell, a friend, well wisher and a magnificent cricketer.
    The Eagles shook hands with the opposition in way to say "ELAKA TERA DHAMAKA HUMARA!"

    FC - Game 17 - 9th Feb 2013

    The Eagles haven't played a more crucial game than this one. Pressure, tension, stress were all understatements to these blogs that Saturday morning. "Ejaz" was the name on everyone's lips. Aal had more to worry about as his Satnav gave him directions to the Chinchpokli rather than Cygnet. Needless to say the convoy stuck together to make sure no men were lost or left behind at the mercy of technology.

    On arrival, the conditions were overcast, slight drizzle and the ground was lush green at the Slab road cricket club. The Lion of Lahore was quick to multi-task and checked the weather report to make sure the clouds were clearing. Taking on from the great gambler, FC managed to win the toss and the Eagles were batting first.

    The men who took centre stage were The Prince of Kashmir and DJ. Given the opening spot was vacant with Doc being away, it was an opportunity for a young gun to make a debut as an opener. Unfortunately, stage fright got the best of DJ (out for nought) and his promise is yet to be fulfilled. Ejaz had started to show his magic but so did our Prince (Shah). After Datha aaa's soft dismissal, the Prince (47 runs) took ownership along with Prajit (20 runs). Varishtness was on full flight, until Prajit got really unlucky as the keeper held on to a beauty down leg side (partnership 50 runs). He had worked out the trajectory quite well. In came "The Wall" -adamant, dependable and solid. The Wall stuck to basics, played out the good balls and hit the bad ones. Just when the Eagles were looking set, the Prince departed, score 83 for 4. The Lion of Lahore (1 bowled) was promoted up the order but, he didn't trouble the scorers too much, neither did FC (7 runs) or Beri (5 runs). The Raj (15 runs) built a partnership with The Wall of 40 runs, a crucial one for the Eagles. Rocky the southern superstar also built a handy partnership of 23 runs. Aal faced 2 balls for his sparky 3 runs. The man who salvaged the innings Zahid Desai, "the Wall". The Eagles stood at 171/9.

    The Eagles knew it was a massive ground and the score was defendable. There was no way the faith of the Eagles would be decided by the opposition. If anything it would be decided by the Eagles. The team was in high spirits, they were determined, the bowlers were focussed. DJ had to prove a point with the ball and Rocky was quietly confident at the other end. Lightening struck in the form of Rakesh Mohan (The Rock star) picking up 2 early wickets in his second over. Top of off always pays dividends. The long sort after answer for "Why this Kolaveri?", was being answered by the Rock. Praj (who was keeping for us) refrained from saying "This is it". DJ partnered up with the Rock star and bowled good lines as Rock star picked up a third one. He was rocking the Eagles world! Experience of DLS (Dathaa- 2/16 ) & the Prince (Shah 2/12) was called on when Ejaz appeared on the scene. Needless to say both men delivered. DLS took a fantastic catch on Shah's bowling to remove the threat. The trickery of the dynamic duals got them a few more and then DJ (1/28) and Rock star (4/31) were called on to polish it off. FC's contribution- a run out to finish the game. Roadies all out for 91 runs.
    In summary, a Rocky road with a good foundation laid by Shah & a strong Wall stood on the way. It was a proud moment for the Eagles. They did it, went it mattered the most. They showed character and team spirit. As I once said before, catches win matches. Imi, Prateek, Datha aa and DJ's catches were all defining moments in the game.

    FC - Game 16 - 2nd Feb 2013
  • "Thanda Matlab Coca Cola"  

    This was the first time the Eagles were starting their first match at mid day. The tension was too much too handle in the morning. The lead up to the weekend is already too much to bear for these keen cricketers. On top of that they had to wait till mid day to get on the field.

    After a lot of waiting the time finally arrived and needless to say the Skipper won the toss AGAIN & elected to bat first. T20 is undoubtedly the game of the new generation therefore the skipper mixed it up a little this time round. The openers to take centre stage were the consistent batman, Prince of Kashmir & the consistently improving keeper, Sai.

    The Prince (2 runs) as usual started in flashy fashion while Sai (10 runs) was nudging it around for quick singles. Wickets fell in quick succession the Wall out for 3 runs, the lion of Lahore out for 1 run. In between the fall of wickets the South Indian Shrek (Dathaaa aaa ) stood all. Powerful shots around the park soon took his personal score to 40 runs. FC (29 runs not out ) on the other end nudged it round and ran like the wind. Wickets kept falling at the other end and the third highest scorer was extras (27 runs). Total score 9/128 after 20. This score was not enough as the mighty crows took full advantage of the dropped chances and scored the required runs relatively comfortably. Match Set Game in favour of the Crows.

    Second game was against the home side of the North Huon Warriors. The youngest side in the competition but with the biggest ground. No points for guessing the Skipper won the toss AGAIN ! 32 degree heat and the skipper adamantly decided to field first. Skipper's way to say, "Get on with it boys, we are here to win!". A good call one must say. After a quick conference between him and coach, the experience Shrek (3/7) and Mr Cricket (1/31) were handed the new ball. Wickets fell like ten pins in the first few over's, Shrek was quicker than the Chennai express and Mr Cricket varied his pace like the ever reliable Maruti 800. The Warriors looked down the barrel at 4/6. The pace attack of DJ (2/22) and Rocky (1/27) was difficult to negotiate as well. The Prince of Kashmir picked up 2 for 15 with his Tezz as well. Final score 9/121.

    At this point the Eagles knew it was doable but were unhappy that they gave away some extra runs. The difference from the first game- they were more organised, more upbeat, more confident, the phrase "Thanda matlab Coca Cola" was heard more time! Batting order was switched back this time. The Skipper (3 runs) and the Prince (29 runs) went first up. The Prince playing some wonderful shots lifted the confidence of the batsmen to come. The Wall was on the offence in this innings. His batting reminded us of the great Azharundin playing wristy shots along the ground for his 20 runs. Unfortunate calling at the crease as he scooped one up in the air. FC called a "wait" in Hindi causing confusion and a run out. FC & the Raj nudged it around for 1s and 2s until the Raj (7 runs) was caught and FC (unlucky 13 runs) edged one to the keeper.

    A run a ball was required at this stage. Tension mounted, the Eagles stood up from their seats. The Lion of Lahore ate all his nails for dinner. The coach left the ground, couldn't handle the stress. But "Thanda Matlab Coca Cola". Mr Cricket (14 runs), Rocky (3 not out) and DJ (0 not out) were cool as a coke bottle finished it off comfortably at the end. The Eagles redeemed themselves once again!

    FC - Game 10 & 11 - 9th Dec 2012
  • "Catches win Matches"  

    If a cricket match was ever going to be called off because of strong winds, last Saturday would be right up there. It was a nice sunny morning but the wind was hustling and bustling like it will knock the door down. The Eagles arrived early to the home ground and were keen to snap up a victory. The Skipper must be sending Wrest point casino broke; the man has not lost a toss so far.

    Sending Snug on to field, the skipper and the Prince of Kashmir padded up to take centre stage. The wind didn't bother the Highness and he got onto a flying start (30 of 16 balls approx). Then lighting struck as the tall "Mcgrath" look alike got him LBW. FC looked around for the little master to walk out to the middle then realised he is soaking up the sun in the beaches of Goa. Thinking of him, FC walked out to the middle. Patience played a big part for the next few overs. The wind was making the ball move in the air like a "Jellabi". After a 50-60 run partnership a running mix up saw FC (21 runs) sprinting back to the club house. Dathaaaa aaa (19 runs) looked up to the skies, struggling with Hay fever took centre stage and after a short cameo was sent back by a brilliant catch. In came the Wall (Zahid Desai). The man played some excellent shots. A straight drive over the bowlers head was undoubtedly the shot of the day. Skipper (57 runs) at the other end led from the front until another calling mix up caused him to lose his concentration and tried to cut too close to the body. The innings was one of the best ones I have seen. Although averaging 51 at the moment, the wind factor made this a particularly difficult one.

    The Wall (40 runs) took ownership and built a good partnership with "the Raj" (24 runs). Sai's quick gun murgan 12 runs were very handy at the end. A true team effort with everyone chipping in with the Bat. Final score 263 runs. The Eagles were reasonably happy campers at this point. There was belief in the team and confidence in their bowlers. We have defended similar scores before. It's all very much doable. After Movember finished, the mows disappeared but the sunnies came out. Rajni's Eagles took the field.

    The Royal hand made an appearance and took down the stumps causing a fantastic run out. The Eagles were on their way. Wickets were picked up on regular intervals but catches were dropped on more regularly. The bowlers gave it their all but the fielders were not having the best day on the field. DJ bowled some beauties to pick up 2 wickets. Rocky as usual consistent like Rajni's shiny glasses (1 wkt) and the Skipper picked up 1 each. The Prince of Kashmir picked up 2 wickets and was bowling beautifully in the end but it was all too late. As I said earlier, catches win matches. The difference between the two teams clearly was one held on to their catches the other didn't.

    Walking off the home ground without a win was hard. The Eagles knew they can do better. Slash that, they know they will do better! There was hunger in their eyes. Training will be fun and intense this week. Energy around the club will be electrifying. The Eagles have bounced back strongly after each loss. This week will be no different. Watch out the Eagles are coming!

    FC - Game 9 - 2nd Dec 2012
  • "Form is temporary but Class is permanent"  

    Saturday 24th Nov 12,  the Eagles woke up to a day that can only be describe as a day made for cricket. Beautiful blue skies, greenery everywhere as the Eagles convoy headed out to Margate cricket club.  A quick warm up and then a toss of the coin. Continuing his form with the toss, the Eagle's skipper won & elected to bat.

    The word of the day "Varisht" meaning "experienced". It was all experience and class as the opening pair of the skipper (38 runs) and the prince of Kashmir ( the Shah 49 runs) put up a 107 runs opening partnership. While the Doc and the Prince kept Margate busy on the field with some classic shots, Aryan kept the Eagles busy with his Milo cricket ball. The first wicket to fall was the skipper edging on to third man. The stage was set for sheer class to show its face. In comes the little master. Margate dished up ordinary bowling and the lil master made Goan fish curry with it. The ball touched the boundary all around the ground. A very entertaining partnership between Praj & the Wall (Zahid 30 runs). After the Wall's departure it was down to the Chennai return south superstar (Dathaaaaaa aa aaa). Rumor has it that he has been casted in 5 Kollywood movie with Rajni hence the tummy. Regardless of the tummy, the running between the wicket was like watching figure skaters on ice. Flawless and quick. Running between the wicket was not of the same calibre when FC took the crease. The little master's innings came to an end due to a calling mix up. In came Prateek Beri ( 58 runs) , the man can only be described as Mr Cricket of the Eagles. Started with quick singles but later on whatever touched the bat touched the boundary. What a magnificent cameo.  Margate got back into the game by picking up wickets regularly at the end. Final Score 326!

    Was it too late for Margate? Well its not over until the fat lady sings. Were the Eagles going to be a bit relaxed on the field? Absolutely not! The Eagles were keen to put up a show for their family & friends who just arrived at the ground.

    A massive task for the home side made even more difficult by a brilliant run out , courtesy of the Rock and Sai (the keeper). Sai was brilliant all day. The sparky DJ picked up an early wicket, courtesy of his pace and accuracy. The Rock kept it tight at the other end and Mr Cricket picked up wickets and kept it tight as well. We often talk about the team learning & growing, evidence of this was young Arjun. Started slow but soon was in his element. Darting the ball like sharp arrows picked up 4 wickets. What an effort! Margate all out for a 120 runs. A momentous victory for the Summerleas Eagles! With the whole Patel family making an appearance at the game, luck was obviously back in the camp. The Eagles are back , back with a bang.

    As I said at the start, form is temporary but class is permanent. With so much class in this club it was only a matter of when not how. Praj is heading off to Goa. Thanks for all your efforts this year Praj, a well deserved holiday. Wish you safe passage and pls convey our thanks to Goa for giving us the famous Goan fish curry & the little master we know as Praj.

    FC - Game 8 - 25th Nov 2012
  • "The Eagles are coming!"

    The trouble with being a good sport is that you have to lose to prove it.
    Overcast conditions, wet outfield set the mood for the Eagles on match day against the Southern Tigers, Gloomy. In the subcontinent there is a saying that the tiger is king of the jungle. The Eagles set out to prove that saying wrong. After all one thought the Tasmanian tiger is just a myth.

    Winning the toss, the Eagles elected to bat. The experienced campaigners, the Skip and Shah took the crease. Both looked a bit uneasy from the start as Sajid, their lucky charm was not present at the ground today. Shah was the first to fall prey to the tigers tricks. The ball was swing left and right like a pendulum. In comes the lil master (15 runs) of the Summerleas Eagles. The man had a plan, hit the ball along the ground and get it wet so that it stops swinging. But as the saying goes, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans". Doc got out to a fantastic catch by the slips fieldsman, ball taking the leading edge and going straight up in the air. FC walked down to the centre, again had a plan in mind but in cricket execution is key. FC saw three wickets fall on the other end before following them back to the club house. Wickets just kept falling, until Prateek Beri came to the centre. All scientific research show fruits are good for human health, the same stands true for the Eagles. Beri (28 runs) was truly inspirational, batted very intelligently with Aaleem (11 runs). Deepak, more fondly know as DJ played like an opening batsman at 9 down and Rakesh also tried some Kolaveri with not much luck at number 10. 24 extras were the Eagles best friend in the innings. All out for 100 runs.

    Did the Tigers really bowl that well? Or were the Eagles taking their form for granted? Maybe it was a bit of both. One thing is for sure, the batsmen will be coming out with a vengeance in their next game. It was up to the bowlers now to give the Eagles a respectable finish. When it comes to respect the South's superstar always delivers. Rakesh showed his kolaveri with the ball in the first over picking up a vital wicket. The Eagles were lifted, they all looked up to the sky for a miracle. Prajit and FC thought it was time to give some of the banter back to the Tigers. FC escorted the next batsmen to the crease, while Praj was aiming at the yellow helmet. DJ kept it tight at the other end and Beri bowled well to pick up a wicket in the interim. Praj picked up 2 as well but it was not enough to avoid the maiden one day loss for the Eagles. Some positive out of the loss - drop catches didn't drop shoulders, bad batting did not kill the spirit of the bowlers or the crowd for that matter. As I said earlier, the trouble with being a good sport is that you have to lose to prove it.

    Having proven that, there is not even the slighted doubt in my mind that the Eagles will be chasing GLORY next week. Eagles took the loss personally, training on Thursday will be passionate, spirit in the group will be like no other team, supporters will be compensated and more next week. If i know the Eagles, life just got one notch tougher for you next week. The Eagles are coming!

    FC - Game 6 - 11th Nov 2012
  • "Where there is A Dubey, there is a way!"

    Nice sunny skies, light south easterly breeze and some enthusiast spectators set the scene for the Eagles v Wombats clash. Quick toss and a shake of hands before Woodbridge decided to send the Eagles onto the field. South's superstar R Mohan opened the attack from the clubhouse end. Consistency soon produced results. This time Deepak keeping the pressure from the school end. R Mohan picking up 2/40. First change Nabz and D Mahambrey (the Raj) on his debut match. Nabz as usual couple of steps and banging in hard and fast. A short spell picking up 2/40. The Raj soon found his line after the nerves settled and picked up 1/21. The first 4 bowlers delivered what the doctor ordered, it was time to put on the finishing touch. The Woodbridge middle order tried to stay resilient. The Skip skillfully rotated the bowlers between himself, Shah, Deepak and Rakesh. The Skip and Shah both picked up 2 each. The final touch came at the end when the Royal hand ( the Raj) appeared and knocked down the stumps with a direct hit. Woodbridge all out for 232.

    Shah and the Doc started the innings with some shots clearing the infield. Looking dangerous, Shah soon fell victim to the leggy from Woodbridge for 11. The Eagles's little master went out with the injured finger and top edging one came back without flicking the scoreboard. Scored 2/19. FC cameout to bat in a do or die situation. With a lot of luck and decent running between the wickets, the Skip and FC built a partenership of 137 runs. The Skip doing the heavy lifting. The man was not batting with a bat, he had a bazooka in his hand. Took the game to the spinners and played classic strokes all around the park. Little Aryan ran to the field to congratulate his Dad on his Century. Standing ovation all round. What a moment for the Skip & his Eagles.

    After the FC run out, the Lion of Lahore was unleashed. Lashing out with his pullshots and reverse sweeps collected 15 before getting LBW. Zahid (11* runs) saw the innings through with the Doc (110* runs) .

    Eagles yet again feasted well over the Wombats! As i said earlier,  where this A Dubey there is a way! Thanks to all the associates coming to ground to support the Eagles. It makes a huge difference.

    FC - Game 5 - 4th Nov 2012
  • "The Sharks went home without dinner!"

    Proud day for the Eagles today. Eagles started by winning the toss yet again. Thanks to Doc and the Singaporean count with two heads.  Deciding to bat the seniors went out to bat. Shah unlucky with a lucky ball from the sharks. Swinging in from outside off.  Doc took ownership as he does abd steadied the ship. Fahim on the other hand thought it was his day when he hook a six to get off the mark. But after playing sensibly soon became unsensible and played a full toss to square leg. In came the lil master but got lbw after scoring 11. In came the wall  (Zahid) and the fence (Mayank). . Plating out the overs helped steady the ship once again. Runs were hard to come by . Not to worry , arrival of Prateek and the Nabster, quick singles and big hits. What a combination . Prateek finished at 38 not out & Nabster scoring a firery 24 got the Eagles a respectable score. Score 177/ 9

    Ladies and Gents, put your hands togather for the lightening quick Deepak and Southern superstar Rakesh. Bog hearted bowlers gave it their all for the Eagles. Deepak picked up two quick ones. Rakesh picked up 1.  Giving us the perfect setup for a victory. Enhanced the bowling attack was the Bengal tiger, big and strong the Nabster. The tiger picked up 4 quick ones with the chance of a hattrick. The Blackmans bay experience was showing through after that, as they steadied the ship. The captain then brought experience from our end as well. Prateek, docter himself and Shah showing how its done and picked up the vital wkts to win the game.

    The Sharks went home without dinner. Whereas the Eagles feasted on some fantastic meat! Its gonna be a good summer ladies and gents. Stick around The Eagles are here to win!!!!!!

    FC - Game 4 - 27th Oct 2012